Trampoline Installation

To install the trampoline, first slide the rear edge of each half into the track on the cockpit. The rear edge and outboard sides have bolt rope sewn into the edge. The front edge and center edges have grommets for lacing.

Next slide the outboard edges into the tracks on the hulls. If you encounter difficulty in getting the trampoline started into the track, you may open the end of the track very slightly by inserting a round shaft (such as a Phillips screwdriver) into the end of the track and prying it open. Again, be careful!

Once the tramp is in the tracks, begin lacing. The longer the two lace lines is for lacing the front of the tramp after it has been passed over and around the front compression tube. At first the lace lines won’t seem long enough; but as the trampoline is tightened you will find you have just enough without long unsightly ends.

Notice that the grommets are offset so that lacing can be done in a zigzag pattern. The best method we’ve found is to at first loosely lace the center and front; and then come back and tighten things up. This way you will work all the wrinkles out. The front lacing should not be so tight that it pulls the compression tube out of column.

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