Genoa Instructions

Included with your new Stiletto genoa, is an eight-foot piece of wire with a ring in the center called the genoa bridle.

The genoa is a much larger jib than the lapper. It is used in the lapper’s place to enhance the light air performance of the Stiletto. The front edge (luff) of the genoa is longer than the lapper’s and extends below the ring where the lapper is tied. For this reason a second ring is provided; the one in the center of the genoa bridle.

The genoa bridle is installed by lacing one end with the line provided to the U-bolt on the hull where the forestay bridle attaches. The bridle is then stretched along the front of the trampoline to the U-bolt on the other hull; and laced as tightly as possible.

To set the genoa, loosely tie the front bottom corner (tack) of the sail to the center ring of the genoa bridle. Snap the luff to the forestay; and attach the halyard to the top corner (head). Tie the jib sheets to the clew (bottom rear corner). Put the slides on the jib track in the cockpit near the aft end of the track. Hoist the sail and put one of the balls on the halyard under the hook on mast. Now go forward to the bridle and tension the luff of the genoa by lacing the tack tightly to the ring.

In time, the ring on the bridle will elongate. This is normal. As it elongates the bridle will become loose and need to be retentioned.

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