Mainsail Traveller Control

The mainsail traveller car is controlled by a 3:1 tackle attached to each side of the car. This consists of sheaves and cleats on the car, bullet cheek blocks at the ed of the traveller and 42’ of  5/16” spun braid.

To rig the assembly, remove the endstop and turning block from one end of the track.

Slide the car on to the track with the cleats facing forward.

Reinstall the endstop and turning block.

Now find the center of the 42’ traveller control line. Once you find the center, fold the line so that a loop is formed at the center point. Insert this loop through the eyestrap on the back of the traveller car and pass the ends of the line through the loop.

Tighten the loop by pulling on the ends of the line. Feed one line end from back to front through each of the turning blocks at the ends of the track. From there, lead the ends through the sheaves on the traveller car from back to front; and then under the eyestraps into the cleats.

Tie a figure eight knot in the ends of the line. Tighten up the lines.

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