Jiffy Reefing

To jiffy reef, proceed as follows:

Tie one end of the reefing line to the eyestrap on the port side of the boom near the back. Feed the other end through the reef clew, down through the bullet cheek block on the starboard side of the boom, and forward to the cleat on the starboard side of the boom. Leave some slack in the line while sailing with a full main so that you won’t affect sail shape.

To reef, unlace the main tack downhaul.

Ease the mainsheet and traveller to unload the man.

Lower the halyard until the reef tack grommet is about 18” above the boom (you need this much for stretch.)

Cleat the halyard.

Take up on the clew reefing line until the reef clew is snug to the boom.

Cleat the reef line.

Sheet the main and traveller back in.

Lace the tack downhaul through the reef tack and tension until luff is tight.

Cleat tack downhaul.

The extra sail hanging down can be dealt with one of two ways. In either case roll the sail up from the bottom in a tight roll.

The first method is to have short pieces (about 3’) inserted through each of the small grommets in the sail. These should have a knot on either side of the grommet so they stay in position.  Tie these lines around the rolled sail only. The second method is to have one small diameter lace line which is tied at the clew, lace around the sail and through the grommet, around the sail and through the grommet, etc. until the extra sail is laced up. Tie off the lace line at the tack. The reason you do not tie or lace around the boom is that you have to undo the job to drop the sail; or you may tear out the small grommets if the clew or tack lines stretch or slip.

To shake the reef out, do the steps in reverse order.

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