Reacher Running Rigging Installation

The three parts to the reacher running rigging are the:

  1. halyard
  2. bridle
  3. sheets

The Halyard

The halyard is installed in the mast at the factory, so no assembly is required. Just be sure that a knot is tied in the end so that it doesn’t get lost in the mast.

The Reacher Bridle

The reacher bridle assembly consists of a plastic coated wire bridle with three blocks, a snap shackle and two U-shackles; and two 22’ x ¼ inch control lines.

To install the bridle, shackle one end of it to one of the U-bolts on the inboard edge of the deck 3’ forward of the headstay U-bolt, using one of the U-shackles. When installed , the small block at the end of the wire should be on the aft side of the shackle.

Stretch the bridle across to the opposite bow and shackle the other end to the other U-bolt. Again, the small block should be on the aft side. This completes installation of the bridle.

To rig the 22’ tack control lines, tie one end of each line into the base of the snap shackle which is attached to the third “rider block” on the bridle. (Boats equipped with roller furlers will have a U-shackle rather than a snap shackle- tie into the U-shackle.) Lead the other end of each of the control lines through one of the small blocks at each end of bridle.

Each line is then lead aft to a cam cleat with a bullseye fairlead on the inboard side of the deck near the front of the cockpit. Feed the end of each line through its bullseye and tie a figure eight knot in the end of the line.

The Reacher Sheets

The reacher sheets are each 60’ long. Tie one end of each sheet to the clew (bottom rear corner) of the reacher sail. Lead the other end of each sheet to the spring mounted block on the outboard edge of the deck about 15” from the transom. Make sure the sheet passes outboard of all the stays, halyards, and sheets you pass on the way to the block. Don’t forget to pass the windward sheet outboard of the headstay as you go around the boat.

Once you have lead the end of the sheet through the transom block, lead it forward along the edge of the deck to the black turning block with the switch on it which is mounted on the outboard edge of the deck 5 ½’ forward of the shroud U-bolt. Lead the end of the line through this block from outboard to inboard side.

Tie a figure eight knot in the end of the sheet and take up the slack. The sheet cleats in the cam cleat, without a bullseye fairlead, on the deck near the front corner of the cockpit.

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