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With Stiletto we have opened up a whole new world of performance in cruising.

We invite you to join us in exploring Stiletto.

Thank you for your interest in Stiletto Catamarans. The Stiletto Catamaran is no ordinary Sailboat. She is one of the most advanced production sailboats available anywhere. In fact, Stiletto represents the most significant advance in materials and construction, since fiberglass replaced wood in this industry about 45 years ago. Stiletto is built of a honeycomb composite that is state-of-the-art in the aerospace industry. The entire laminate is baked at 250 degrees for an hour and a half while under 14 p.s.i. vacuum pressure. The result is a tightly compressed laminate that is absolutely uniform and flawless and very tough. The composite used to build Stiletto has the highest strength-to-weight and rigidity-to-weight ratios of any material currently available. It is, for example, 74% stronger and 32% stiffer than an equivalent foam sandwich. And an added bonus of honeycomb construction is integral floatation. Stiletto will not sink- even if holed and filled with water.

Stiletto was conceived and designed as a trailerable high performance coastwise cruiser, a concept that has resulted in unparalleled versatility. Trailering her is a breeze and two people can set her up for sailing in just over one hour. Her shoal draft (9 inches) and kick-up rudders means you can safely sail her right up onto the beach. With head, berths, galley. Sleeping tent and other amenities, Stiletto is a catamaran cruiserís dream.

As a daysailer- you just canít beat Stiletto. She is sea kindly and very easy to sail. Her huge bridge deck (80 sq. ft.) is comfortable and dry and features molded in bench seats and back rests. Forward of the cockpit is an equally large trampoline that will soon become the favorite sunning and lounging spot for your crew. Altogether, there is enough bridge deck and deck space for 8-10 people to day sail in comfort.

And for those who like the speed and excitement of racing, imagine (if you can) sailing a 27 foot boat at 25 plus m.p.h. Itís an experience thatís impossible to describe. As a racer, Stiletto is rapidly accumulating an impressive list of victories including Yachtingís 10th One-Of-A Kind Regatta.

Stiletto is practical. She is virtually maintenance free, thanks to a lustrous polyurethane coating (not a gel coat). And she is designed to provide maximum sailing pleasure and performance over a wide range of wind and sea conditions. Her versatility means you get more use out of your boat because there is so much more you can do with a Stiletto. You have the freedom to trailer your boat anywhere easily and quickly- to cruise all those enchanting places youíve been wanting to see, not just your own backyard. She is ideal for areas where dock space is limited because she can be stored right on the trailer, all set up and ready for launching.

The Stiletto Catamaran is a quality boat. Note the detailing on her and the thought that has gone into her sophisticated design, the care that is shown in her construction. Stiletto is still much less expensive than the average 27 foot sailboat.

Stilettos are proving their seaworthiness and speed all across North America and in Europe and the Caribbean. But why donít you see for yourself why Stiletto is a wonderful racing or cruising cat?  Or, please feel free call directly and talk about Stiletto Catamarans. Itís our favorite subject!


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