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T1: Tom T House
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Date: 24 Aug 2006
Time: 12:16:22 -0400


Some folks I've talked to have gone to a nine foot daggerboard. However, they didn't like the extra weight or expense or it getting in the way of the boom when raised... Other folks I've talked to really like eliminating the center mounted dagger board and installing trunks in each hull and mounting daggerboards there... However, that is a big time and expense commitment and you'd have to get someone to do it that could figure out where they should be installed so you wouldn't goof up the helm...making it too weatherly or making it a disastrously lee helm. I sail with an old wooden daggerboard, when goof off sailing and with a composit board when cruising... Both work quite well, though I like the composit much better...except when I misjudge water depth or where rocks might be...when beaching. Tom

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