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T1: Roberta
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Date: 09 Aug 2006
Time: 19:08:35 -0400


Dear Catamaran loving peoples: I am supposed to go to Fiji with a friend in September to stay on her catamaran... 26 footer, built with love by her now deceased husband, docked at a local resort. Unfortunately her mom is deathly sick and i will probably be going SOLO. I'm not sailing the boat, just setting up the tent, basically living on the boat for a month... I'm looking for informational web sites, education, basically any advice to help me from freaking out! hehe, never lived on a boat, have been sailing as a passenger but on lakes never the likes of the south pacific. Should i hire local to help me set up the tent, and give me the lay o' the land -- i mean boat... is it even viable to think i can handle this on my own? Any advice greatly appreciated... I have been planning the trip for 9 months, and it would increase the cost greatly not being able to manage staying on the boat alone... AAAyyiiii! hehehe help~! Thanks in advance: Roberta

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