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Ron & Andy, Thanks for all the help

Date: 06 Mar 2006
Time: 10:43:01 -0500


As the weather get nice in Florida again and work obligations disappear for the weekend and hurricanes retreat into a really bad memory, I ventured out for a long sail and remembered all over again why I love sailing and why Stilettos are so cool. Over the years it has been Ron and Andy who have made my boat and sailing possible. You have always given me good advice and talked straight. (Shall I say REAL STRAIGHT) The work on my boats has always been FIRST CLASS, the deals more than fair, and in the long run you have saved me a bunch of money, but more important than that you have created the boat outfitted the way I wanted it. Thanks for your sacrifice and friendship. Hope that you are well, happy and sailing. BOB LANGBAUER ASLAN'S MANE NAPLES, FL

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