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Thru Hull Fittings/Marine Head

From: Mark
Date: 21 Nov 2005
Time: 18:28:25 -0500


I'm looking for guidance on thru hull fittings. I intend to ditch the porta potti and put in a real head. I'm tired of being the guy to clean up after the girls.... :-) The question is what style of thru hull works best on the stiletto 27 and Nomex core. I see that down in the bilge it appears that the Nomex stops about eitht inches short of the bilge, I was thinking of going through that section, although its highly radias at that point. Back in lead sled days, we used a taperred thru hull that laid smooth on the hull, can I go this route on a stiletto, or is the laminate too thin? Am I stuck with the a large bump on the side of the boat type? Thanks, Mark

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