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Re: Jib Sheet --Barber Hauler

From: Ron Nicol
Date: 08 May 2005
Time: 00:34:14 -0400


There is no hard and fast rules on barber-haulers. The objective is to get the sails to work together at points of sail off the wind that cannot be achieved with the standard tracks. Therefore, one would look at the leech of the headsail we are flying and try to close the slot at the top. This means that you would pull the lead down and outboard as far as possible if we are reaching or running. Upwind we would not utilize this hardware. If we use a sail often, say a genoa, we would consider installing a track on the inboard side of the hull with a snatch block, so we could easily switch from the primary track to the outboard track, and eliminate the need for barber haulers, as the lead is correct without them If you love to tweak sails, you can put an eye strap on the gunwhale and have a PUT (Peter's Useful Tool) which is a 2:1 block and tackle to help pull the lead down and out. There are many tweakers that can facilitate better sail trim, however one must decide how many lines will travel over our decks! Sometimes simplicity should prevail. Ron

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