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From: Ron Nicol
Date: 04 May 2005
Time: 06:26:17 -0400


The 27' trailer alone weighs 1100 lbs, the boat another 2000 with gear, and then crew and personal gear, another 800 lbs. No mini-van or light duty SUV can handle the amount of tongue weight and be safe. You would need a one ton truck to handle 450 lbs of tongue weight plus the passenger load. After many years of hands on experience I am sure that 100-150 lbs. is adequate to run a safe load without swaying as long as the running gear and tires on the trailer and tow vehicle are properly maintained. In the same situation, having too little or negative tongue weight is dangerous at highway speed. Therefore a happy median for the vehicle you have and the load you are hauling. Even with a Ford E-350 we only run about 100 lbs of tongue weight towing 27's and it rides fine. With our 30' trailer we run about 250 lbs as it is almost 40 feet long and has the equalizing type springs, so we set it up such that the pivot is neutral, and it rides best on the highway with this set-up. Perhaps people  who trailer long distances with a full load need to run less tongue weight or get a heavier duty tow vehicle. I know when we get into the mountains, it even stresses our V-10 motor transmission and suspension, as well as the driver's nerves, so an Explorer or similar vehicle is marginal at best for this type of work. The last trip to Seattle to pick up STRIDER put the wear on. Better safe than sorry, it's no fun changing wheels on the side of the highway!

The Harding trailers weigh 1100 lbs.
The Standard 27' weighs about 1500 lbs. stripped. The 27's we have weighed at the Nationals ready to sail weigh in between 1800-2000 lbs ready to race. With cruising gear you can add a few hundred more lbs. It is safe to say that the total towing weight is about 3500 lbs.
Run about 100 lbs. of tongue weight to avoid swaying

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