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25 years

From: Ron Nicol
Date: 04 May 2005
Time: 06:10:46 -0400


25 years when I first fell in love with STILETTO This will be a short reason why, but I promise to write a book about the whole story of Force Engineering, Stiletto, and how all of you have such high quality boats after all this time. My brothers and I bought a 27 SE in 79 at the NY boat show. Love at first sight. Larry Tibbe had no trouble convincing us that we would enjoy this boat more than our Hobie. Sold. Took delivery of our SE 299 in April and enjoyed it beyond belief. Young single guys on this Space age boat. Once we stopped fearing it, we started pushing it to the limits. After 3 years of sailing this boat, we wanted more, so we went down to look at the new GT and 30 models, in anticipation of trading up, and found that Force Engineering was for sale. At the same time our negotiations to buy a Marina and Yacht Club that was a Hobie and Stiletto Dealer had reached an impasse, and we made an offer to buy Force Engineering. This was accepted and we took over in September 1983. We injected large amounts of capital, upgraded the facilities, developed and introduced the 23' into the market, as well as keeping the other 27 and 30 models online. However, the market plunged, and no matter what cost-cutting moves we made, the business did not turn a profit, so in 1986 we stopped production. Since then we have supported the fleet with full service, parts, and complete restoration ability, so those who want to maintain their boats in top notch condition can do so. That is our objective for the future and we hope you support us so we can be there for you as well.

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