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Mast Support

From: Ron Nicol
Date: 04 May 2005
Time: 05:36:29 -0400


The earlier 27's had a 3/4" mast support rod and spacer, which was upgraded to 1", so the base of the mast needs to be milled to accommodate the larger spacer.

The adjuster threads into the bottom of the mast support rod and tensions the strap. This should NOT take all of the load of the rig, it is only to keep the main beam from bending excessively under heavy conditions. There should also be a 4" aluminum spacer over the shaft above the beam that translates load directly to the beam. The nut at the bottom is just a locknut to keep the adjuster set where you want it. It has nothing to do with the load. There are two types of adjusters coarse and fine.

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