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From: Ron Nicol
Date: 21 June 2005
Time: 05:24:09 -0400


The original laminated wood boards made by Force Engineering had a chord of approx. 18" and 1.75" max. width. The board you are looking at is not an original Stiletto board. The newer glass composite boards are 2" at max. width and can be up to 9' tall with a 16-18" chord. High aspect/low drag boards are where its at now. The 23' boards are totally different and much smaller, so that is not where this board originated.

The hole in the top of the board is to tie a line through to pull the board up, and adjust it fore and aft. There was no other arrangement designed into it, other than having the lower bracket adjusted properly, i.e. having the right sized spacers connecting the lower bracket assembly) The upper frame should have a rubber channel sandwiched between the frame and the cockpit, as well as a spray shield to minimize the water on deck. That is the only hardware that is stock on the 27' dagger board.

The stock 27' board is available built of Glass/Foam Composite. Other custom boards are also available, as well as Carbon Masts and boards.

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